Episode 10 - Dirty Soot Money

Alexandria, Kentucky. May, 2005.

An intruder breaks into the Bosley family home. Bob tries to fend him off and protect his wife, Amy, and their two children. The intruder shoots Bob and ransacks the home before fleeing the scene. Amy calls the police to report what had just happened, just 2 days before their 15th wedding anniversary. Police arrive to view the crime scene, and find some suspicious clues.

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Episode 5 - Mary Murdered the Minister

Selmer, TN. 2006. Police respond to a call from church members, reporting they had found their minister dead in his home, with a shotgun wound to his back. An amber alert was raised to find his kidnapped wife, Mary, and their 3 daughters. Turns out Mary and the girls hadn’t been kidnapped at all.

Today, we take a look at the murder of Matthew Winkler.

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