Episode 18 - The Disappearance of Heather Elvis

December 18, 2013 Heather Elvis returned home in the early hours of the morning after a first date. She was in the process of moving on after her previous relationship with Sidney Moorer ended. This was the last known time she was seen.


"Four years after arrests for Heather Elvis' disappearance, cases remain open"

"Sidney Moorer claims he was handcuffed to a bed the night Heather Elvis disappeared"

"Timeline of events in the Heather Elvis case"

"State accuses Tammy Moorer defense team of violating gag order"

"Judge modifies bond to allow Moorers to travel to Florida"

"‘There’s a long way to go:’ Heather Elvis' family reacts after Sidney Moorer found guilty of obstructing justice"

"Parole board denies Sidney Moorer’s request for early release from prison"

"Charge dismissed against man arrested for interfering with Elvis case"

"Jury hands down verdict in Tammy Moorer kidnapping case"

"Here is when Sidney Moorer could face trial in connection to Heather Elvis kidnapping"

"Tammy, Sidney Moorer working on civil suit over Elvis disappearance case, attorney says"

"Dad of Missing Woman Kidnapped by Lover's 'Evil Queen' Wife Is 'Not Giving Up' Search to Find Her"

"SC woman gets 30 years in prison for kidnapping Heather Elvis in 2013"

"Wife Accused Of Kidnapping Husband's Lover Allegedly Forced Him To Tattoo Her Name Above His Crotch"

"Testimony weaves tale of intertwined lives of missing woman, accused couple"


“A Remarkable Journey - Burroughs & Chapin Corporate”

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