Episode 8 - It Was A Bomb, Part 1

Birmingham, AL. Atlanta, GA. Savannah, GA. Jacksonville, FL. December, 1989.

A federal judge in Birmingham opened a package thinking it was a Christmas present from a co-worker. The package contained a pipe bomb, which exploded killing him instantly. A few months prior a similar package containing a tear gas bomb, had been received by the Atlanta NAACP office. More packages pop up as the FBI and US Marshals zero in on a one in a million lead.


Walter Leroy Moody vs. Christopher Walken Picture - http://bit.ly/2QqxJ40

Boll Weevil Monument Picture - http://bit.ly/2VtDuSd

Forensic Files (Season 3, Episode 5) - “Deadly Delivery.” Originally aired October 29, 1998.

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